The project ANEETS is coordinated by Face Foundation (France) and gathers three other organisations established in Belgium, Ireland and Spain


Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion is a foundation aims to contribute to the social involvement of companies throughout the country. Large and small companies, regional and local authorities, public institutions involve themselves with the Act Against Exclusion Foundation to act together and for the common good.


IDEAS Institute is a non-profit training organisation established by SIPTU, Ireland’s largest trade union. IDEAS’s aim is to develop and promote the upskilling of workers so that employment in their companies is more sustainable and their companies are more competitive, providing a variety of different generic training programmes for workers and companies.


Pour la Solidarité is a nonprofit organisation and an independent think tank that works in favor of inclusive and sustainable Europe. Committed to reflect upon and to construct societal improvement, PLS offers to and shares with policy makers its thoughts centred on the value of solidarity.


Espiral Entitat de Serveis is a private non-profit organization founded in 1992, aiming promoting social actions and projects allowing people and communities to achieve their own global development and growth, avoiding exclusion and encouraging solidarity and transnational cooperation in a sustainable development world frame.