From 18th to 20th January, Espiral Entitat de Serveis hosted in Girona the international meeting of the ANEETS’ project partners, project funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Commission to improve the employment and training of young NEET by sharing good practices of companies and training centres in the participant countries.group_2627

Twelve technical staff of the project and eight experts in youth employment and training policies approved the results of the first year of the project and discussed the situation of youth employment and the participating countries, France, Belgium, Ireland and Catalonia.

However, the main objective of the meeting was the design and planning of the next phase of activities, to be carried out in the coming months, from February to May, at each of the member organizations and locations: FACE Foundation in Paris, Pour La Solidarité in Brussels, IDEAS in Ireland, and Espiral in the Girona region.

Notably is to be outlined the experience and professional expertise on the education and employability of young people contributed at the public workshop of the meeting by representatives of FOEG, the Professional Association of Psychologists and the Secondary Education Institute Montsoriu of Arbúcies from Catalonia, and the Languedoc professionals and experts on youth employment services in the region of Carcassonne.

From now on, a new phase on dissemination and group discussion starts, based up on the tools created to steer the sourcing, training, and the recruitment of young apprentices and improve the results of their integration in companies and training centres.

The complexity of the subject makes this project fully open to collaboration from all people and organizations involved in the subject who wish to contribute with their experience and expertise. Anyone who is interested can contact the technical staff of the project at participant organisations or at